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6 Reasons Video Marketing is so Important for Your Business

   Why is Video Marketing so important for your business? Video Marketing has grown, exponentially, over the past 10 years, because IT WORKS! Some major factors that have contributed to the popularity of videos are listed here: Facebook Video is Hot! Facebook recently announced that its video views went from 4 billion views per day to 8 billion views per day! SEO benefitsVideo is given a lot of weight, by Google. After all, Google OWNS YouTube! People LOVE videoA 3 min video TELLING and SHOWING your audience, about your product or service, is better than forcing them to read two to three pages of text! Video gets SHARED!When is the last time, someone shared a long article with you? I’ll bet you get WAY MORE photos and VIDEO! If you marketing video is funny, interesting, engaging, educational, or just NOT BORING, you may see your marketing video get shared thousands, or millions of times. Video serves MULTIPLE PURPOSESWhen

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